Zero waste bins designed to maximize your program’s success.

Although EcoSafe® is best know for our industry leading certified compostable liners, we also provide a range of zero waste bins designed help our customers achieve their waste diversion goals.

Our zero waste bins are specifically designed source separate and collect organic waste where it is created and carry it easily and cleanly to your main organic waste bins. Set your program up for success with the right bins and make diversion easier with EcoSafe®.

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Sustainability is as important to us at EcoSafe® as it is to our customers.

EcoSafe® zero waste bins are designed and manufactured with sustainability in mind:

  • They have the highest recycled content in the market
  • They ship with minimal packaging
  • The have high nest ratios, minimizing the carbon footprint from shipping
  • Well designed and high quality, they are built to last


Whether you are a municipality, retailer, waste hauler, distributor, or commercial customer you can rest assured that we have the bins to help your program be successful. The EcoSafe® team has the years of experience helping customers like you with organics diversion programs to get the job done right. Our bins are in use across North America in a wide range of applications, they make diversion easier it’s just that simple.

Please keep in mind that the Zero Waste Bins listed here represent a sampling of what we have available.

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