Commercial Zero Waste Bins to meet your unique diversion needs.

Commercial zero waste bins that are customizable and can be easily deployed in your unique work space are the key to making diversion easier and your Zero Waste goals achievable.

Across North America industrial, commercial, and institutional organizations are setting Zero Waste goals as part of their corporate sustainability programs. To achieve these Zero Waste goals organizations must establish successful food waste and organics diversion programs.

EcoSafe® markets a line of commercial zero waste bins specially designed to easily and efficiently source separate organic waste where it is created and transfer it to your waste hauler’s carts.

Partner with EcoSafe® to get the job done as easily and cleanly as possible. We have the commercial zero waste bins to make it happen.

Kitchen Caddy

The Ideal Kitchen Food Waste Container. EcoSafe® Kitchen Caddies are the perfect kitchen container for organic food waste collection. Packed with design features, EcoSafe® Kitchen Caddies are part of a proven program for effective household organics diversion.


Commercial Zero Waste Bins


The Ideal Curbside Food Waste Container. The 23 litre [6 US gallon] EcoSafe® EcoCaddy is an exceptional container for organic food waste collection. Developed to withstand the rigorous demands of both outdoor food waste collection and busy commercial environments, EcoSafe® caddies are internationally-proven commercial zero waste bins that have been critical to the success of countless food waste collection programs of all sizes, varieties and climates.


Commercial Zero Waste Bins


Flexible, Unique and Successful. The EcoSafe® EcoStation® recycling system is a unique and highly adaptable commercial zero waste bin for the Source Separation of Waste materials. Available with interchangeable lid types, EcoStation® containers are compact, attractive, and designed to give you maximum participation, capture rates, and low contamination. Use right fit HB2844-85 EcoSafe-6400® compostable liners to keep your bin clean.




Get the commercial zero waste bins that were designed with diversion in mind.

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