Municipal Program Bins by EcoSafe®, we have the bins you need!

Right-sized to work together in maximizing participation and capture, the robust Kitchen Caddy (7.4L/2Gal) and EcoCaddy (23L/6Gal) are manufactured with high recycled content and feature ease of handling, rapid cleaning, and a unique two handle position locking seal tight lid that prevents spills, deters pests, and locks odors in.

These municipal program bins are stocked in a range of contemporary colors with custom color and graphics options available.

Kitchen Caddy

The Ideal Kitchen Food Waste Container. The EcoSafe® Kitchen Caddy is one of our most popular municipal program bins designed primarily for residential food waste collection programs. While several sizes are available, the most popular is our 7.4 litre [2 US gallon] version. Packed with design features, the EcoSafe® Kitchen Caddy has a locking lid, clips to hold compostable bags in place and the highest recycled content in the industry.

Several lid options from solid to vented or charcoal filters, custom sticker or hot stamp branding on the lid and/or front, and the ability to manufacture in either PP of HDPE ensure you get the municipal program bins you want, period.


Municipal Program Bins


The Ideal Curbside Food Waste Container. The 23 litre [6 US gallon] EcoSafe® EcoCaddy is the number one curbside municipal program bin in the UK and is now being made in North America. Developed to withstand the rigorous demands of both outdoor food waste collection and busy commercial environments, EcoSafe® Ecocaddies are an internationally-proven container that has been critical to the success of countless food waste collection programs of all sizes, varieties and climates.

The versatile EcoCaddy can be customized with stickers or hot stamping on the front and/or lid. Very high recycled content and high nesting ratios make the EcoCaddy a one-of-a-kind sustainable multipurpose municipal program bin for the North American market.


Municipal Program Bins

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