Our Single and Multi-family residential products are now available at wholesale prices to support shared-purchasing for Communities, Social Clubs, (Kid’s) Sport teams and School Fundraising programs.Your school or club can earn $2 to $3 per pack of 90 EcoSafe~6400 Kitchen liners — which we believe is a whole lot better than selling candy bars and gift wrap to earn a buck.

Even better, for every 90 small kitchen bags sold, EcoSafe will donate 25 cents to the NGO “Kiss The Ground”, a compost advocate, a regenerative farming activist, and the producer of the video TheCompostStory.com.

Closing the Loop for a Sustainable Planet while supporting the growth of local all natural organic food production.

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We know an average family will use approximately 130 bags per year to collect 260 lbs of food scraps. At $3.00 profit per box they would annually earn $4.50 per family that signs on to the program.