ECOSAFE EDU™: Empowering Students to Live Waste Free

Did you know that schools on average generate an estimated half-pound of waste per student per day? The largest single item wasted on campus is FOOD WASTE, which represents almost a quarter of the entire waste stream.

By implementing a cafeteria composting program for all food scraps, as well as spoiled paper, upwards of 50% of the total school waste stream can be diverted!

Want to make your school or district zero waste? Purchase our EcoSafe EDU™ program for teachers, students and all faculty, new in 2017!

Joining the path towards zero waste is easier than ever…and it’s FUN.

Our easy step-by-step guide includes a starter-kit handbook, compostable bags, signage, and instructional video – all you need for your campus to go zero waste and make an impact together.

Join Simon the Hippo and friends as they help kids learn the basics of sorting, recycling, composting and ultimately how to take leadership roles in the eco-stewardship of our planet.
Just follow the simple program steps, and utilize our cast of characters to guide your school down the journey towards Zero Waste. The “closed-loop” approach described in our program conserves natural resources, reduces carbon emissions, and paves the road for future generations to lead a sustainable life.

Stages to the Program

  • Program Design – All steps leading up to the day of program implementation
  • Program Implementation – All steps needed to successful launch your program
  • Program Support – All steps needed for a long lasting and Successful Zero Waste program

Program Features

  • Detailed program start-up Tool Kit
  • Program implementation checklist that highlights every major program step
  • On-Line support designed specifically for the ECOSAFE EDU™ program
  • Downloadable  video, educational materials, posters & signage, waste audit templates, and more
  • Training  for green teams and program champions as needed

EcoSafe EDU